Bonjour! I’m Bernard Jean-Luc Audemard 

A passionate French Chef (MIH) based in London, UK with 40+ years of experience in creating delicious art.

My credo

"Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat."

Education & Qualifications 

The Rabelais Apprenticeship Training Centre, Dardilly, Lyon, France (1978-80);
Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle (Equivalent to British NVQ 3) in Traditional cuisine;
BIIAB Level 2 Personal License Holders;
Foundation certificate in HACCP principles;
and more


1997 - Master of the City of Oxford Guild of Chefs
1997 - Chairman of Caterex
2018 - Member of the Institute of Hospitality
2018 - Member Craftsman of Craft guild of chefs 


A Few Words
About Me

My adorable career started when I was 13. As every child I were at school and I was sure in my willing to cook. Gladly there was offered a new pilot scheme to promote cooking apprenticeship. However, apprenticeship starts at 16-year-old and I was a bit young to qualify, thus to circumvent Centre specially offered a pre-apprenticeship scheme consisted of 1 week per month of work placement and 3 weeks of scholarity.

The school helped with a work placement with greatful thanks ot Mr Pasquettaz, who was a friend of Paul Bocuse at Collonges au Mont d’or, where I were notably referred to be employed. Even though that was my first experience working in the kitchen, I was acknowledged as I did very well. I learnt that the right ingredients are the main factor for a delicious dish. That is why at Collonges au Mont d’or, which was a high-end restaurant, were buying all ingredients at the market freshly cut straight from the farmer’s market.

After that, I went for 2-year apprenticeship at Jean-Pierre Driss's restaurant called “La Ferme” at Lentilly and graduated from François Rabelais de Lyon-Dardilly with my Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle en Cuisine Traditionnelle, thanks to which I had got the full understanding of French cuisine.

As you may know, France has many regions and each has it's own main traditional dish. The CFA François Rabelais taught me all of them and I achieved an excellence level of knowledge, which I am fully ready to utilize with my services for you! 

I have worked at

big kitchens as a Sous Chef, Second Chef and twice as a Head Chef with total of 17 and a half years of experience.

My key skills


Capable to manage and organize kitchen with 10 or more personnel.


As cooking is my passion and some of my students awarded with Michelin stars, I suspect you want to taste my professionalism.


Boring and blend dishes are not my type. Rely on my creativeness and I shall make you pleased and happy!


Years of experience in big kitchens developed my high multitasking skills. I learned that it is all about planning and management!


I am keen on details thus you will experience variety of tastes while having my course


I love what I do and I will make you adore my cooking without any hard work from my side! You will have to try your best to stop enjoying!

Watch the video of me cooking

I have made the video at the professional kitchen teaching how to cook a Spanish Paella. This video was not meant to be made, but people still were filming and we cut the shoots. That is how it was made! Enjoy viewing! 

What I can offer for you:

Personal Chef

I can create a menu based on your preferences to enjoy in the comfort of your home in London. Simply tell me what you're craving!


I can provide catering services in London for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more.

Full-time Chef  

Enjoy the services of a private chef during your holidays in London.

At home cooking course

Choose this option for a private cooking class in London and I will put together a tailor-made cooking lesson for you.

Scope of services included

  • Menu compilation
  • Purchase of products
  • Serving dishes 
  • Preparation of banquets and festive dinners
  • and more

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